time for something new

So, I am finally here in my new apartment in Myrtle Beach. Dan, my dad and I spent two days driving across the country with a trailer full of my stuff. My new apartment is really nice. It’s a one-bedroom place about 2 miles from my work. It has a fantastic kitchen, spacious living room and well-lit sunroom/office area. The bedroom has a closet that will actually hold all of my clothes and shoes. The place is actually pretty big, and it makes it look like I have hardly any stuff. I’m so used to living in tiny, old college apartments that I don’t really know what do to with myself. I think I’ll enjoy living here.

We spent most of yesterday unpacking, but managed to make it out to the beach after dinner for a little while. The weather here is gorgeous — I’ve had the windows open the entire time I’ve been here.

Dan and Dad left today. I was a little sad for a bit, but I know everything will be fine. I just want them to have a safe trip home. I start work on Monday, so I have today and tomorrow to be lazy and do nothing. I’ll be working Mon-Fri from 3:30 to midnight for the next two weeks, then the schedule will most likely change. I’m ready to have something to do.



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