An added note:

Avoid the Myrtle Beach Wal Mart at all costs. (Columbia residents: Don’t blame me, please. I am new to the area and haven’t found an alternate grocery store yet.)

The store was completely full on a Sunday evening. I have yet to buy any groceries for my new place, other than some eggs, bread, oj, salad and pickles. Enough for my egg sandwiches. Today, however, I decide that it’s time for a bit more. There are people everywhere. Entire families go shopping for their groceries in Myrtle Beach. There are 7 people following one, ONE, cart. Never in my life have I experienced this.

I was able to read an entire magazine (as the second person in line in the express aisle) because the people in front of me spoke absolutely no English. From what I can tell, the cashier speaks zero Spanish, so I step in and tell the people that she needs one of their driver’s licenses so she can card them. Finally, they get it, and I get to finish up.

I think I have some adjusting to do.



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