Ready, set, GO!

Work updates:

*I made it through my first week of work without breaking anything or burning the building down.
*I really enjoy my job so far, and the people I work with make it very pleasant. We’re gearing up for the republican debates, which are taking place here in Myrtle Beach. The city has put together a very Mount Rushmore-esque sand sculpture for the event. It’s pretty much hilarious. However, it’s really cool to be part of the upcoming election. Yes, I worked at the Missourian for election stuff, but this is the first time I’ve worked for a paper that does its own local coverage of national politics. It’s fun, and my political muscles are growing so quickly it’s like they’re on steroids.


Wedding updates:

*I was able to set up my work schedule so that I have back-to-back weekends coming up. That means four days off in a row. I’ll be flying to St. Louis on Saturday morning and come 3 p.m. that day, I’ll officially be Mrs. Daniel J. Story.


*Don’t worry – I’ll be having a full-on ceremony some time this fall, and everyone will be invited.
*Anyway, I’m really, really excited. For a wedding present, my mom and dad booked the presidential suite at the Drury Plaza for us for two nights. I don’t know a lot about the room, but I’ve heard that it’s out of control. Needless to say, I can hardly wait for this weekend to arrive.

Considering that my life for the past two weeks has consisted of working out and watching reality TV and episodes Clark and Michael online, this change is most certainly welcome.



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