Where is my furniture?/My cat can’t have kittens.

I finally recovered from the beach stand hot dog incident.  It took awhile.

This week has been abuzz with all things domestic.  Sort of.

Dan and I went furniture shopping last week, and ended up buying a bed, dresser, bedside table, coffee table, end table, and loveseat sleeper-sofa thing.  It’s all sorely needed, as the only furniture we have as of now consists of: A couch, TV stand, desk, and mattress on the floor.  Notice that we don’t have a dresser or proper bed.  Our clothes are in random piles on the floor, and we’re about to go crazy with the lack of organization that is taking place in our apartment right now.

Anyway, we were supposed to get the furniture early this week, but didn’t.  When I called the place, they said it wouldn’t be happening until after Feb. 5, which is no good. We need to organize!  Anyway, Dan called them back and told them what’s up, and we should have at least some of our stuff next week. We hope.

Crash, our cat, finally got to experience the pleasure of having her reproductive parts removed.  We brought her back from the vet yesterday, and she was still totally drugged out and hilarious.

Dan has been fully engaged in the job hunt, and we’re both getting frustrated by what appears to be a lack of opportunities for people with degrees.  Sure, there are plenty of jobs if you want to be a cashier or waiter, etc., but he didn’t work so hard, take out loans for school and earn a degree just so he could get some ‘whatever’ job that he could’ve taken straight out of high school.  We’ve been hoping and praying that something more will present itself, and I’m confident that it will.  I just want him to have a job that he feels happy with.  A job that values his education and makes his hard work worthwhile.

My little sister got a cell phone.  She’s 13, and has been waiting for the day that I get kicked off the family plan ever since she was old enough to answer the phone.  I’m not quite sure why parents have granted her this gadget; I didn’t get a phone until I was 16 and driving, and even then I only got it because I’d had a bad experience getting lost in a scary part of St. Louis on an empty tank.  At any rate, she sends me ridiculous text messages whenever she has the chance, and I have the feeling that she’s probably using her phone during class when she shouldn’t be.  I don’t blame her, but I think she should get busted.  When I was 13, my friends and I passed notes to each other, which required good timing and a bit of stealth.  These days, any idiot can get a message to a friend via cell phone.

TOMORROW, hopefully, will be the last day of serious presidential election coverage for us until November, at least locally.  The Democratic primary will be taking place, as the GOP primary already happened the previous Saturday.  It’s been exciting and fun to be in the midst of all this coverage, but I’m about ready for a break.  I kind of wonder what I’ll be reading about for the next few weeks after all this noise dies down.

I’m gonna say that’s about it ‑ for now.



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