NOT working

I am on my weekend right now.  Today is my Sunday, and then I go back to work tomorrow.

Yesterday, the hub and I woke up at a decent time with the amibition of going to church.  I’d found one online that seemed like it would be worth checking out the night before, so we got gussied up and went on our way, following the google maps directions I’d searched for.  Try as we might, we could NOT find this place.  Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to stop living like heathens.  Since we were already out and about, we decided to grab some lunch instead.  We at at this place called The Sea Captian’s House, which used to be a boarding house on the beach.  Now, it’s a pretty good restaurant, still on the beach.  They have a room off the coastline that looks out over the beach, giving diners a pretty great view.

After lunch, we wandered out on the beach and flirted with the waves for a bit.  The weather was gorgeous and sunny yesterday, but the water is still extremely cold.  We also went on a decently long run (not on the beach, though).  There’s a pretty well-known marathon held annually out here, and Dan and I have decided to start training for it.  I’ve always wanted to do one, but just didn’t have the hours in the day, what with school, homework and two jobs.  I have a considerably greater amount free time now, and I’d like to get back into great shape again.

On another note, I really need to go to the doctor to have prescriptions and stuff renewed, but my health insurance doesn’t kick in until March 1.  Not having health insurance sucks, and I’m looking forward to being covered again.  Grr.

I spent a bit of time revising a painting yesterday.  It’s one of those things that I started awhile ago, thought I had finished, decided I didn’t like, and painted over.  I did that about three times, but I think I finally like it for good this time.  I have another large canvas to paint so that Dan and I will have some additional art for the walls.  Our apartment is pretty spacious, and we just don’t have that much stuff. We’ve been living in small, dumpy places for a long time, and our possessions show it.  Anyway, I’m not much good at it, but I’m really glad that I have time to paint again.  It feels weird to have hobbies.

Friday night, some friends from work invited us out to go to da club, etc.  It was a lot of fun, and a great way to get to know some work people better.  We started out at some bar, then went to a dueling pianos-type place, then ended up at a dance club called Revolutions.  Now, prior to going to Revolutions, I had seen commercials for the place on the local cable access channel, and even on a few other channels.  The commercials depict a huge dance floor in a two-story club with insane lights and questionably drunk, “older” (think mom and dad/early gramma and grandpa) people grinding up on each other and everyone else.  Let’s just say the ad is accurate.  I can’t deny that it was fun, though.

Dan and I are racking up a list of things for spring-breakers to do when they come to visit us.  You’ve been warned. Now be prepared.



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