The things that happen when you fall asleep.

I have been having the weirdest dreams lately. I don’t know why, but they have been lucid and oddly strung together. I don’t get it.

For instance, last night I dreamt that I was part of a hip-hop dance troupe and we were performing in a talent show (which we won). There happened to be a guy there selling boats and scooters, and I stole one. Then the dream shifted from all that to me being at work, designing some page for the paper. (that really isn’t that unusual for me; designing pages has the same effect on me as playing a lot of video games before going to bed. the images get etched in my brain and i end up dreaming about it. last night i designed and played video games, so that’s probably where that came from).

However, the previous night, I dreamt I was at work copy editing something, and my mind had conjured up an entirely fictional news story for me to read. This is very weird, because in previous dreams, I will typically wake up whenever I need to read something (eg: if there’s a book/note/etc., that needs reading, I’ll pick it up to look at it, but will either wake up before my eyes can focus on it or something will happen in the dream to prevent me from reading whatever it is) Anyway, so the fact that I was able to successfully read something in this dream was very odd. The story had something to do with international relations, but I don’t really remember the specifics, other than I thought it was unreasonable when I was reading it.

The night before that, I dreamt that Dan and I were on a road trip and we stopped at a grocery store in the middle of nowhere. We got separated, and some guys started chasing me. They were in wheelchairs, and they were psychotic. I couldn’t find Dan, and I kept calling him on my cell phone while trying to run away from my wheelchair-bound assailants, but we kept getting cut off. I had no idea what state we were even in, and it was really, really dark. I woke up feeling very panicked.

In short, I’m going to stop having snacks before I go to bed.



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