Yays and nays

Dan and I went to the movies last Sunday. While we were waiting for the film to start, it dawned on me: I’m not in school anymore.  I realized that for over a decade, most intensely during that past five years, I would spend Sundays working on assignments and dreading the next morning.  This is no longer the case, and I’m loving it.  There are a lot of things about being a college student that I enjoyed and will miss.  There are also a number of things that I’m glad I no longer have to deal with.

Things I will miss:
-always having a friend to be irresponsible with
-blowing off class
-being able to walk everywhere
-riding the MKT
-various dining establishments
-really cheap drinks
-snow day
-foreign friends
-living downtown
-emergency dance parties
-The Missourian
-holiday breaks when nobody’s in town
-widdle bwudder/ms. mawni/lay-c
-trips to the Lou
-Missouri winters

Things I will NOT miss, ever:
-being broke all the time
-actually going to class
-working multiple jobs
-buying text books
-living in crappy apartments
-crowded roads during the school year
-driving to Cape
-writing papers
-waking up early
-being hungover too many weekends
-never having new clothes
-parking tickets
-Missouri summers and humidity
-dreading Monday morning
-general stress



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