My turn!

I’ve thought of something else that I dislike about Myrtle Beach. Maybe dislike isn’t quite the word…but the situation is definitely disappointing.

In Columbia, if a person lives close to MU campus, he or she can literally walk or ride a bike anywhere worth going. I loved it, and I rode my bike pretty much everywhere. It was my primary mode of both transportation and exercise. All you had to do was hop on the MKT on a pleasant fall day for a beautiful ride through backcountry and forest. Myrtle Beach would be the perfect place for such activity: It’s flat and the weather is always great. However, people seem adamantly opposed to sharing the road with cyclists, and there are no bike lanes in sight (the 400 feet of bike lane by the Wal-Mart does NOT count.) Another problem is that to get anywhere worth riding, you have to take a highway, which is not only dangerous but also illegal in the state of SC and I think a lot of other places, too.

I have an awesome bike, and I want to ride it. I think I’m going to try taking it out on a lesser-traveled back road on my next day off (which won’t be happening for 7 more days. Ugh.)

Another observation: MB drivers are bitter. I know, everyone complains about the traffic where they live. It’s too slow, there’s always a jam, the drivers are stupid, etc., and blah blah blah. But bitter drivers? I think that’s a little different. I seriously think that year after year of tourist season has taken its toll on their southern hospitality. There no courtesy wave for letting someone out in front of you. Actually, there is no getting let out in front of other people in the first place. I think Dan and I might be the only people who do that out here, and when we do, the person behind us looks like they might have an aneurism. I don’t know what the deal is. I guess they just get tired of ignorant visitors clogging the roads. Maybe things will be better for us once we get our SC license plates.

On a side note: It’s raining today, and I have the scooter. I really hope it stops before 3:30.



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