I feel like I have cotton balls in my throat

Which is better than the alternative, I guess…

Seriously, though, my throat is killing me.  I’m just glad I have health insurance, otherwise I’d be in a sad, sad state.

Other than that, things have been pretty good, although I’m starting to get bored with the TV shows we have on DVD.  I need some suggestions for new stuff to rent from Netflix.

Lacy is supposed to be coming for her spring break, and I’m really excited.  For some reason, Dan just doesn’t get excited about the same things I do, such as the new Sephora that just opened. Lacy appreciates that sort of things.  Dan doesn’t even know what Sephora is. Oh the joys of married life.

Crash has been really sick lately, and I’m worried about her. The vet just keeps saying she’ll be fine, but I’m not so sure that’s true.  Dan said he doesn’t think she’ll live that long.  I don’t appreciate that, and I hope he’s wrong.

Anyway, I need to medicate before I go to work.



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