Oh, you so wanna know.

If you’re friends with me, there’s a good chance you know Dan. He’s chronicled our week here.

It has been long. It has been annoying. It has been painful. Long story short: I got laid off and neither of us have jobs. We blew a tire and hit a deer on the way back to Missouri. My grandma has cancer. Etc.


We are OK. If nothing else, we’ve realized that life can always, ALWAYS, be worse.

We filed our paperwork to break our lease and have our apartment here until July 17.  We’re moving in with Dan’s mom, who has some extra space.  We’re applying for jobs in St. Louis like crazy people (with college degrees).

So, don’t worry.  We’re happy to be moving closer to home.  If you know of any jobs anywhere in the Midwest (St. Louis, Chicago, etc.) pass them along to us.

We look forward to seeing you, despite the circumstances.



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