I just wanna get paid

There is nothing on earth like looking for a job when you actually NEED one.

I’ve always been the type to look through job postings at places I think I’d like to work, just to stay informed. Things change entirely, however, when you are simply trying to find a way to make a paycheck. It sucks. I’ve applied for nearly 30 ‘real’ jobs since I got the boot two weeks ago, and I’m still waiting to hear back from people. I filed my claim for unemployment, as well. I hope to not have to rely on that service, but I don’t want to run out of money and my not having a job is not my choice.

This whole situation is terribly frustrating. When I first busted my way into the journalism school in the spring of 2005, I was optimistic, excited to learn and willing to defend the newspaper industry to the death. People who’d been in the industry for decades would ask “What makes you want to do this? Don’t you know newspapers are going down the toilet?” to which I would happily reply: “Newspapers will sell as long the content is worth reading,” etc. I still think that’s true, but now I realize that instead of focusing on the content and advertising strategies that just might save the industry as a whole, newspaper corporations are hiring analysts to come in and slash and burn their employees, ie: the people who generate and moderate that content. I hate that my opinion of the industry has changed from blind optimism to reluctant acknowledgment of downfall. I used to be a cheerleader; Now, I’m one of the latest, probably youngest, victims.

So, I’m moving to St. Louis with Dan to pursue a job that will allow me to use my skills. Unfortunately, I don’t think any reliable position that falls into that category will have anything to do with newspapers. It makes me sad, and I hope that the industry will get it together before it’s too late.



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