This and That

Phew. There has been a fair bit going on since the last post: Job interviews, apartment searches, family gatherings, etc.

I’ve been interviewing like a maniac over the last week or so, which is a nice departure from wondering if my applications even make it into the HR people’s inboxes. The outcome is pending, but I have a really good feeling about this latest round of meetings. If you’re on my list of references, be prepared for some calls from potential employers.

In other news, Dan and I found an apartment. It’s in the Tower Grove Park area, one bedroom, hardwood floors, new kitchen, fenced-in backyard, and a basement with W/D hookups. We submitted our application and should find out if we’ve been approved by Monday, so says the leasing agency. My mother-in-law has been incredibly generous to let Dan and I live with her, but it’s time to claim our own space and live somewhere that has real walls, not ones made of sheets.

Now, to voice an irritation: I bought a third-gen iPod nano the day they came out, less than a year ago. Now Apple has released another generation, and I feel irritated. Goes to show that it doesn’t matter how soon you get the latest, the expiration date can pop up whenever.



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