Enter: Adulthood (?)(!)($%$%^&)

For my entire life, I’ve suffered from an annoying affliction: incredibly fine, straight, thin hair.  When I was younger, I would be envious of girls who could wear their hair in a perfect ponytail, French braid, pigtails or bun. This long-lived envy recently subsided when I finally discovered hairspray. No, not the movie…the actual hair product. I can now do my hair however I want, regardless of its inability to stay put on its own, as long as I use enough hairspray. After all of these years, it was the $1.99 can of Aussie hairspray that finally gave me what I wanted. There’s probably a life lesson in there somewhere.

In other news, the Storys finally have a new(er) car. Anyone who’s known me over the past 5 or 6 years has been subjected to bone-shattering, anxiety-ridden escapades in the Blue Bomb a.k.a The Death Mobile a.k.a. The Mitz. Those days are finally over.

Last week we bought a 2000 Honda Accord, and we’re never looking back. Well, we’ll never look back after we drive The Mitz down to Cape to unload on my parents this weekend and get the paperwork sorted out for the Honda. Minor details.

With this purchase, I’ve come to the realization that my collegiate lifestyle has taken its last gasping breath. No more school, no more studying for tests I’m not interested in taking, no more writing 10-page papers when there’s only four pages of material worth writing about, no more living in flea-infested basement apartments, no more junking around in a car that stalls in the middle of the busiest intersection in the county, no more being incredibly broke (knock on wood).

Dan and I both have full-time jobs, albeit sans benefits and insurance, that are thought-provoking, interesting and challenging. We pay our bills on time. We’re making progress on previous debt. We’ve got a little extra cash. It’s a far cry from where we were a mere six to eight months ago.

Being surrounded by so much relief and goodness is such a new feeling that I sometimes catch myself wondering what catastrophe is lurking around the corner.

I’m working on that.


One thought on “Enter: Adulthood (?)(!)($%$%^&)

  1. finally. I’m so glad!


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