In which I feel human again.

Dan and I took the trip down to Cape this weekend to visit my mom and dad. It’s the first time we’ve been down there for no other reason than to simply visit in months.Β  There was delicious food, higher quality wine than we ever buy for ourselves, shopping and movie watching. So relaxing. I don’t care how old you are, sometimes it just feels good to go to your mom’s, dad’s, grandparents’ or some other caring guardian’s house and forget that you’re supposed to be a responsible adult.

While Dan and I were out in the backyard letting the cats run around for a little while one of our very good friends who lives next door came outside. We chatted things up for a few moments, and then she said “You look really relaxed.” And I realized that for the first time in weeks, I really am. Going back home to charge the batteries for 48 will hopefully get me few another few weeks.

In bad news gone good: I woke up Friday and realized that one of my earrings had fallen out in my sleep. I was pretty upset and looked all over the place to find it, as that pair is irreplaceable. My grandparents had bought rough diamonds during a trip of theirs to Israel in the mid ’80s and had a pair of unique studs made for me. I wear them every day because I love them and the backs screw on, greatly reducing their likelihood of falling out. This afternoon when Dan was cleaning, he found the rogue piece of jewelry and the earrings have been reunited. It’s a great relief.

In news regarding stupid things that happen: It appears as though my iPod made a run through the washer. We’re going to give it a few days to dry out. Hopefully it will recover (ha), but it’s looking like we’ll both be in the market for new mp3 players very soon.

In near freakouts: When we were leaving my parents’ house today, we couldn’t get the Honda to start. We tried jumping it, checking the starter, etc. It was extremely frustrating and we were starting to feel rather upset. After further investigation, I realized we were using a copied key we’d had made at Home Depot to start the car, which we’d never done before. I busted out the original, and all was well (HUGE sigh of relief).



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