Not that anyone cares, but…

  1. I never liked learning about history as a kid. I thought it was boring and pointless, and am extremely ignorant when it comes to past events as a result. I hate it and I’m trying to fix it. Right now, I’m really into World War II.
  2. For some reason, employers see fit to give me ridiculous job opportunities that I’m not qualified for. I’ve never turned one down and it hasn’t failed me yet.
  3. Entry #2 has taught me how to teach myself all kinds of things by reading books.
  4. I’m constantly cruising the Internet to find cheap airfare to…anywhere, even when I don’t plan on traveling.
  5. I like to keep my fingernails cut short and painted dark.
  6. I’ve decided that, for 30 days, I’m not going to eat any meat that I wouldn’t kill and clean myself. That leaves me with fish, seafood and, at times, certain people.
  7. My family moved from St. Peters to Cape Girardeau the summer before my junior year of high school. I moved with the “get in, get out” mentality because I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be starting over for the 100th time. I greatly regret this and often wonder what friendships I missed out on as a result of my attitude.
  8. Over the course of 12 months I: was hired on at a newspaper for my first job, got engaged, graduated from college, moved 1, 400 miles from home to start said job, got married, got laid off from my first job, moved back to Missouri to live with my mother-in-law, got married again in a traditional capacity, moved out of my mother-in-law’s and got a new job. It was exhausting.
  9. I really used to enjoy running, then I tore a disc in my back and had to take a break. It’s never been the same since.
  10. I recently started playing videogames and even have my own xbox live account. Look me up: starflablingo.
  11. I had lost all of my baby teeth by the time I was 10. I got braces when I was 11.
  12. I’ve known my best friend for as long as I’ve known my sister.
  13. I’ve been stopped by the cops while riding my bike.
  14. I’d like to live in a foreign country at some point in my life, preferably somewhere I would be able to learn a new language.
  15. I love, love, LOVE breakfast food. You can make anything that’s considered a breakfast food, mix it with any number of other breakfast foods, and it will never be gross. I could eat breakfast all day.
  16. I’ve never lived in a single residence for any longer than three years. We were always switching apartments, houses, cities, states. I feel like all the moving has made me a well-rounded person who knows how to adapt, but it also means that I’ll probably never be truly happy if I’m stationary.
  17. I don’t think that I’ll ever want to own a home. The idea of being responsible for a yard, mortgage and all the upkeep has no appeal to me. I’d rather rent. It’s easier to leave that way.
  18. Dan and I are thisclose to paying off our credit card debt. I can’t wait.
  19. I really don’t like horror movies. I can usually handle the blood and guts, but the supernatural unnerves me and I have no desire to watch movies about it.
  20. I’ve gotten one traffic ticket so far in my life and I feel like it’s mostly my brother’s fault.
  21. I sleep with a fan pointed toward the every single night, no matter the season, and I always have. I like the way the wind feels on my face, and the noise tunes out the cats, neighbors and traffic. Dan hates it.
  22. Sometimes I think about going back to school for a degree in computer programming or to become a lawyer, but I know I don’t have the stamina for it at the moment.
  23. If I didn’t have Dan holding me back, I’d probably have four or five cats and a dog. Just a little one…
  24. I love orange juice and typically drink it straight out of the carton. So, if you ever come over to my house, you might not want to drink the OJ.
  25. I wasn’t going to do this survey, but people I respect and like gave me insight into their lives. I thought I’d do the same.

2 thoughts on “Not that anyone cares, but…

  1. RE: “I’ve gotten one traffic ticket so far in my life and I feel like it’s mostly my brother’s fault.”

    I blame most bad things in life on your brother.

  2. I’m glad you made the list. The end of #6 made my morning. (!) Ha!


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