Why did those five things cost $96?

Last week was one of those weeks when you run out of all of your toiletries at the same time. Typically, I only have to buy one or two of these items in one shopping trip, but every so often the cycles line up and it’s all gone at the same at once.

I needed:

-Face lotion


-Some powder


-Hair serum

And some other stuff. Let me tell you, it made for an expensive trip.

I guess I could cut back on some of the things that I use; I could go all Girl Power and quit using the unnecessary makeup, shampoos, conditioners and hair products that clever marketers tell me I have to use to be beautiful.

But I won’t.

I like being a girl. I like smelling nice and having clear skin and soft hair, so I sigh, swipe my debit card and take my things home.

I would ask that instead of giving me a useless pair of cheap headphones for free with my $15 bottle of lotion,Β  you just give me…more lotion.


One thought on “Why did those five things cost $96?

  1. #1 – I love the new layout.

    #2 – Gah! I understand. I’m currently out of everything… from Q-tips to eyeliner to face wash to… money, and I too refuse to start looking like I’m batting for the other side (and wear the pants).


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