My life as of late

For those of you who care:

-Dan and I started working similar schedules and no longer have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to work.

-I got a wicked raise.

-We went to Louisville and surprised our friends Zak and Sean so hard that their heads about fell off. While we were there, we: stayed up way too late because bar time in the ‘ville is 4 a.m.; ate some awesome local food; grilled; played and cuddled with Olive, the wonderpuppy; were overcharged to look at creepy dead bodies in a museum; played Apples to Apples; watched SNL; got food poisoning/the flu.

OK, to be fair, I was the only to get food poisoning, the flu, or something, Sunday. I felt like death and didn’t feel much better until Tuesday night. I’m all better now, though.

In other news, the shelf/bar in our closet fell down last night, causing complete disorganization of clothes, shoes and bags that were being held therein.

Guess what we’re doing THIS weekend. (There will be before and after photos)


One thought on “My life as of late

  1. I had no idea Louisville had such a happening bar scene!


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