Weekend Warriors

Dan and I have had a crazy couple of weekends.  With all of the traveling, company coming into town and catching up we have to do from the aforementioned, we’ve hardly had time to breathe.

Last weekend, my sister came into town so we could take her to her first “real” concerts.  Friday night we hit up the Ting Tings, who were spectacular.  They played a nonstop, hour-plus set of booty-shaking, jazz-hand-inducing music.  I would highly suggest their music to anyone who likes Of Montreal and  Rilo Kiley.

Here’s a sampling:

Saturday, we went to the Art Museum to see the Ming Dynasty exhibit with my parents.  Dan and I are members at the Saint Louis Art Museum, which is a great deal. The museum is free, but the special exhibits cost to see. Our membership got all five of us in for free, which saved $50.  The exhibit was pretty cool– my favorite items were the jewelry and enamelware — but I’m glad that I didn’t have to pay the extra money to get in. I thought the exhibit was a little small when compared with previous ones, but it was a good cultural experience nonetheless.

Sunday, we hit the Pageant up for a second night to see Blue October. Dan said all there is to say about that experience here.

This weekend, Dan and I took Friday off to catch up on some shopping, etc.  We went on a minispree with some of our rebate money and finally got some stuff that we wanted/needed (underwear, t-shirts, shoes, glasses, etc.).

Saturday, we hit up Rolla for my grandma’s birthday/Easter. It was a short, but sweet visit, as all of us had to scurry off to other engagements later in the afternoon. We had some people over from Dan’s work to play Dungeons & Dragons (yeah, I know), then Mom, Dad, my brother and sister all showed up to watch “Band of Brothers,” etc. Sunday, of course, was church and lunch with my family, then dinner in St. Charles with Dan’s.

Basically, what I’m saying is: We’re not doing anything next weekend.


One thought on “Weekend Warriors

  1. I’m sad you won’t be out this weekend, Sal. Would have been great to see you tonight at OLYMPIA with Mar, but I am sure we’ll go back because it was delish. Ok, hopefully see you soon!


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