A hint of organization

In case you haven’t noticed, Dan and I are constantly booked. I realized, after inadvertantly double-booking us on multiple occasions, that the month-by-month dry erase board on the kitchen wall wasn’t gonna cut it.

Enter: Moleskine Weekly Planner

I’ve always had an affinity for fancy notebooks and snazzy writing implements. For some reason, I ignored the fact that this obsession might mean I should work with words —Β  not fabric — for the first three semesters of my college career, but never mind that.

I’m of the school of thought that having the proper writing supplies can make or break a wordsmith. If you have that perfectly weighted pen that seems to meld with your hand and a sharp notebook with smooth, supple paper, you’re gonna want to find an excuse to use them both. Before you know it, the words will be pouring out of your brain and onto the page.

So, being a believer of this ideology, I thought the same principles could apply to organizing my time and life.

It seems to be working. Call me — I’ll pencil you in.



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