Long day.

So, my productivity is at an all-time high as of late.  Here is all the ridiculous junk I did today:

  • Called to hassle the credit card company that’s making us insane.
  • Called the cable company to cancel our cable (the promotion ran out and we don’t ever use it)
  • Called Ticketmaster to get them to resend the concert tickets we ordered back in March but never received.
  • Got a renters’ insurance quote and activated our policy
  • Made an appointment to get our oil changed
  • Hassled various people at work via phone and e-mail to get things done so we can release a new version of our software
  • Spent two hours and $420 getting the oil changed…and three new tires

Needless to say, it’s been a long, long day. On the to-do list for tonight:

  • Drink a bottle of wine.

Sorry, Jillian.  We’ll resume tomorrow.



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