Gained pounds, lost inches

I don’t have my weight taken very often, because Dan and I don’t keep a scale. I prefer to monitor my weight loss/fitness level by how my clothes fit, primarily because I find scales to be discouraging. Case in point: Yesterday.

I went to the doctor, where they always weigh you. I’d actually gained about 2 pounds, which could be from anything β€” the time of day, water retention, my clothes, muscle mass, whatever. That was slightly disappointing, as I’ve been watching what I eat and working out so hard, but I just told myself that the number might not be accurate.

For a better assessment of how I’m doing on the Making the Cut program, I took my measurements. With my illness-related setbacks, I’m roughly on day 18, though it should be more like 20 or 21.

The verdict? Despite the apparent weight gain, I lost more inches. Total losses:

Left and Right thigh: -.5 in. apiece
Waist: -2.5 in.
Hips: -1 and some change

So, moral of the story? The number on the scale isn’t everything! If you feel better and your clothes are loose, be happy. Don’t let the scale get you don’t, and certainly don’t rely on it as an indicator of fitness.



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