Disastrous week

Well, everything that I’d been doing for the past two weeks went out the window last week.

I only got in one workout. It was a great one, but it was only one. I’d been feeling icky for a few days and finally went to the doctor. I basically slept my week away, which is also disappointing. However, taking a few days off to get well and recharge is better than being chronically ill. I’m feeling much better now.

As a result of all the sleeping, my eating habits were totally out of whack. I went entire days where I didn’t eat anything until 4 or 5 p.m., and once I fed myself something, my appetite was voracious. To make matters worse, we were and still are totally out of produce and good food, so I ate a lot of crumby calories this week. We’re talking Goldfish crackers and frozen pizza. Pretty dire. That situation will change tomorrow, as I plan to drag my butt to the grocery store come hell or high water and stock up.

My plan going forwardย  with Making the Cutย  is to pretend that last week never happened. I’m going to do the entire week’s worth of workouts and pick up the program where I left off. That means I’ll be on day 16, when really I should be on day 23 or 24.

With the exception of last week, I’ve been following the program pretty closely. The one area where I’ve been lax, though, is alcohol consumption. So, I’m putting my foot down: No more alcohol for me until I’m finished with the cut. I have a feeling that I will see results even faster if I give up my glass (or five) of red wine for the next few weeks.



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