Finding deals on organic food

I’ve been doing a lot of research on how the foods we eat can affect our bodies, and let me tell you, it can be quite terrifying. Dan and I watched “Food, Inc.” a few weeks ago (it’s on Netflix’s Watch Instantly, if you’re interested.) It’s a documentary about how our food is produced and processed, and how the farms and slaughterhouses of today are far removed from the farms of early America. I’ve also been reading Jillian Michaels’ “Master Your Metabolism,” which is an interesting bit of literature that explains how the artificial colorings, pesticides, preservatives and other chemicals we are exposed to affect how our endocrine system and metabolism work.

After becoming more aware of how our food is grown and processed, I’ve become a stickler for reading labels. High fructose corn syrup and artificial colors/flavors are in the strangest things. For instance, I never would have expected to read the ingredients on my Sara Lee 100% Whole Grain Bread and find high fructose corn syrup and a heaping dose of sodium among the ingredients, but they were both there, along with artificial colors/flavors and a variety of other nonfoods that I can’t pronounce. I was really surprised, and have since switched to BrownBerry Whole Grains. No corn syrup, no artificial colors/flavors, no preservatives.

After going through what I thought was a pantry stocked with healthy foods, I realized I’d been eating junk without even knowing it. Armed with my new knowledge and a desire to get the crap out of my cupboard, I headed to the groceryΒ  store (Schnucks) to restock on good stuff.

It was expensive. Like, twice our normal budget.

However, after shopping around, I’ve found that Shop N Save has some of the best deals on organic items. The company carries a low-cost brand of organics called Wild Harvest. I was able to get a week’s worth of mostly organic groceries for two people for less than $60. Not too shabby.

Moving forward, here are some other ways I plan to save:

  • Shop for produce when it’s in season; it’s cheaper that way
  • Buy from farmer’s markets/local vendors
  • Look for organic proprietary brands at each supermarket
  • Stock up when there are good deals and freeze what I can’t use right away
  • If things are really tight, buy organic the foods I eat the most of and save on things that are one-time uses or occasional treats

I’d also like to try my hand at a growing a small veggie/herb garden, but that will have to wait until Dan and I have a yard of our own.

At any rate, I’m glad that I’ve found a way to get good, clean, ethically-produced food without breaking the bank. Happy shopping!


6 thoughts on “Finding deals on organic food

  1. Trader Joe’s is awesome for that stuff, too! I do almost all of my grocery shopping there. With all the farmers markets shut down for the season, I found out that they have pretty cheap (mostly organic) produce. Comes in handy now that I have my juicer.

    • Ooh, good call. I always for get about Trader Joe’s because there isn’t one nearby. However, it’s a lot more accessible now that 40’s open again. I’ll have to start hitting that place up :)

  2. Sallie, Shop N Save also has a thing on Tuesday where you get $10 off of a purchase of $50 or more… maybe that’s a Fenton thing, I am not sure.

  3. Growing your own veggies is awesome. I’ve grown some stuff successfully in pots — mostly herbs and banana peppers. You can save a bazillion dollars by growing your own basil. Things like green beans and small tomatoes are supposed to be container-friendly also.

  4. Sal Pal! I have enjoyed reading your blogs lately, you seem very happy with your progress and new workout/lifestyle outlook. I want to get making the cut! Michelle had mentioned the Shop n Save coupon, I am pretty sure it is for all SHop n Saves, and Schnucks either does it too or accepts the shop n save coupon because I remember having it once at schnucks. I miss the joys of grocery shopping, now we do it all online and while it is easier to not spend as much because you get to see a running total, I miss wandering around and finding new things to try and impulse cheese purchases.

  5. WTF? Just read the ingredients on my bread per your suggestion (Butternut All Whole Grain 100% Whole Wheat) and there’s high fructose corn syrup? I felt so healthy buying this bread. Apparently I have just been stuffing my face with Dr. Pepper disguised as wheat bread.


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