In which Jillian Michaels finds new ways to make me sore

Well, Jillian’s done it again.

Instead of taking a day off like Making the Cut instructed, I tried out Jillian’s “Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism.”

By this point, I’m pretty familiar with her workout style and feel like I can handle it. I’m “Making the Cut,” I’ve done the “30 Day Shred,” and, despite the fact that I still have a few, “No More Trouble Zones” is a staple in my workout regimen.

This was a little different. It’s basically 40+ minutes of heart-bursting plyometrics and ab exercises. She starts you out with a six-minute warm-up, then moves into seven six-minute circuits.

Each circuit is broken down into a handful of exercises that you do twice before moving on to the next circuit. Unlike the shred and NMTZ, there are no weights involved, just your own body. Think jumping jacks, butt kicks, punches, side kicks, uppercuts, planks, leg raises, supermans, etc.

I didn’t have time to do the whole thing β€” warm-up to cool-down is nearly an hour β€” but I did go through the warm-up and the first four circuits.

By the end of my fourth circuit, I was dripping sweat, and my shoulders, hips and booty were on fire. I’m still sore nearly 12 hours later.

I think the best part of this video is that you don’t need any workout equipment (other than a mat, if you’re working out on a hard floor). It would be a good for people who travel and can’t haul a bunch of junk around with them.

The workout was definitely challenging, but it goes by so quickly because of how the moves are grouped together. You never get a true break, but she lets you catch your breath a little by following a high-intensity move (like mountain climbers) with one that’s less challenging (like supermans).

All and all, I’m pleased with the video and will likely incorporate it into my regular routine. Hopefully I’m not too sore to do Making the Cut tomorrow!


One thought on “In which Jillian Michaels finds new ways to make me sore

  1. You have me wanting to try all of these! I especially like the sounds of the one that uses your own body weight, the best way to work out in my opinion because its cheap!


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