Making time…again

Life has been insane mode ever since the beginning of February, when we did our taxes and found that we owed the government a disgusting amount of money. From that point on, our free time was consumed with working overtime and looking at homes to buy so we could take advantage of the tax credit (something we’d been hoping to do, anyway).

Let me tell you, living under that kind of financial stress for so long can really put a damper on working out and eating well. We were hellbent on saving as much money as possible, so the quality of our food was downgraded a bit, though we did cook at home much more to save some cash. And by cook, I mean we made a lot of tuna sandwiches and fruit smoothies. In fact, I think there was a period of about two weeks where we didn’t eat a single hot meal.


Anyway, Dan and I both fell off the workout horse, but we’ve picked ourselves up and are back in the saddle for yet another ride. I’ve been loving some of Jillian’s older workout videos that I found via The Shredheads. They are similar to 30-Day Shred in approach but incorporate more moves from her book, Making the Cut (which I wrote about at length here). You can read a review of the Biggest Winner set here.

So, I’m writing to say … I’m baaaaack.


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