The importance of order

The lack of recent blogs is attributable to many things, but mostly to the fact that I had pretty major surgery back in June and was unable to exercise for several weeks. That’s all over now (and I’m fine, thank God), so on to bigger and better things.

I’ve talked about making time for exercise and eating well before, but one thing that I’ve found really helps me get my workout in and ensures that I pack a healthy lunch is the order in which I do things.

See, I’d found myself frequently pressed for time before work, and though I’d almost always manage to complete my workout, I’d rush to work empty-handed in the lunch department. That means no snacks during the day and fewer healthy (and cheap) options for dinner. Also, I was putting my coworkers’ lives in danger by allowing my blood sugar to drop so low.

So, to get my priorities in order, I made one simple switch: I make my lunch immediately after I work out, before I shower and get ready for work.* This isn’t a huge change, but it helps me budget my time better. It puts figuring out my food for the day ahead of putting on makeup and over-styling my hair. It lessens the rush I put myself through before I hop in the car for the commute to work. It gives me peace of mind that, if nothing else, I will be well-fed throughout the day.

If I dawdle or oversleep, it’s not my workout or lunch that suffers – it’s my appearance. And if having a great variety of healthy food packed in my lunch box means having to wear my hair in a ponytail because I didn’t get a move on, then so be it. I still look good for work, and I don’t have to worry about mortally harming my coworkers as I rampage to the vending machine for a Snickers bar.

*I work nights, so I have more time in the morning than most people. Obviously, packing your healthy lunch the night before work would serve the same purpose.



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