Only two long runs left!(?)

I decided to sign up for my first half marathon for a variety of reasons. For one, it was something I’d talked about doing for years. I also ran cross country and track in high school, until an injury sidelined me spring of my senior year, and I’ve been running off and on since graduation. (which was, ahem, nearly eight years ago).

After graduating from college and landing a full-time job, many of my hobbies went into hibernation. Running was one of them. The injury I had in high school still flares up sometimes, so I’d kind of convinced myself that I shouldn’t run a ton of mileage, at least not the kind I’d need to successfully finish a half. So far, I’ve been wrong.

The final thing that pushed me to sign up for this thing and fully commit, though, was the surgery I had in June to remove a frighteningly large ovarian cyst. The recovery process for that put me out of commission for six weeks. After I healed from that, I realized how run down and wiped out it had made me. I suddenly regained all this energy that I hadn’t realized I’d lost.

Once I got the OK from my doc to start exercising again, I joined a gym and started running on the treadmill. One mile turned into two, two became three, and so on.

A good friend of my husband’s (and of mine) had been talking up the Lewis & Clark marathon and half marathon, a course known for being pleasant and relatively flat. It was 8 weeks away and the entry fee was reasonable, so I signed up to celebrate my newfound able-bodiedness.

I have two long runs left before this race, and I can’t believe how far I’ve come. The process has already been incredibly rewarding, and I haven’t even completed the race yet. I’ve regained confidence in my physical abilities, improved my fitness level, lost a few pounds and shown myself that my body is capable of doing way more than I give it credit for.

I’ll probably be ecstatic when I cross that finish line.


4 thoughts on “Only two long runs left!(?)

  1. That’s fantastic, and you should definitely feel great when you cross the finish line! I love that you’ve noticed more than just losing the pounds, but also the confidence. That’s so key. You deserve to feel really proud of yourself. :)

  2. My goal is to merely finish. Running with you last Saturday showed me how far behind you I actually am.

  3. You’ll have an EXCELLENT race! I adore finish lines.


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