The wine at the finish line

Yesterday I was thinking about rewards. More specifically, yesterday during my 9 miles through the park, I was thinking about the wine I was going to drink later that night.

My glorious reward

I’ve talked about motivation before. What compels you to sweat it out, make healthy choices and run the extra mile when you feel like you can’t take another step.

You really can’t talk about motivation without mentioning rewards. Signing up for a race and finishing it or meeting your time goal isn’t enough for everyone. Neither is losing a few pounds. Sometimes, you need a reward that offers instant gratification, especially if your goal is something that’s going to take a significant amount of time to accomplish, like finishing a marathon or losing 20 lbs.

Indulging in rich food and drink is my reward. That doesn’t mean that I go out and eat a huge slice of cake and wash it down with a candy bar and an order of fries every night. I only do that on occasion. But I do allow myself reasonable indulgences during the days or weeks that I put in my mileage: four two glasses of wine here, a bowl of ice cream or piece of fried chicken there.

My husband prefers monetary and time rewards, I think. For instance, he’d allow himself to buy a new Blu-Ray or an extra hour or so of playing video games. Although on our run together over the weekend, he kept talking about the steak we were going to grill. But who can resist steak?

As I was finishing up my run for the day, it dawned on me: Though I love all the benefits I get from running, in the short term, I run for the wine at the finish line.

How do you reward yourself?



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