Taper time!

Sorry for the lack of posts; Work last week was insane mode, and the last thing I felt like doing after staring at a computer screen for 10 hours was writing a post. So here I am to update!

It is taper time. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved.

It feels so good to relax!

Before my 9-miler a week or so ago, I started experiencing some soreness in the bottom of my right foot. It doesn’t hurt when I’m running, but after I did my 9 miles, it was really sore for several days. Because of that, I opted to forgo my last long run, a 10-miler, and do a few shorter ones instead with plenty of rest and ice between outings. I also realized that in my daily life, I don’t wear very supportive shoes. I’m a Converse and ballet flats kind of gal. That + running a lot = very sore foot. So I picked up a pair of these:

These make my feet happy! The Nike Eclipse II

I’ve had my eye on these babies for months, and I finally got a pair. I’ve had them for about a week and have been wearing them pretty much nonstop, even around the house. My foot already feels about 100 times better, even after running a few miles earlier in the week.

This week, I’ve been kicking back, staying hydrated and thinking about what I’ll wear on the big day. The weather is supposed to be superb: Partly cloudy, high of 60 low of 39.

Last night I had a dream about running the race. The weather was beautiful, and a ton of my teammates from my cross country team just so happened to be running it as well. I could smell the fall leaves and hear them crunching under my feet. I could feel my legs and feet traveling smoothly and with ease. My breathing was easy and clear. I felt great. When I crossed the finish line, the clock read 2:17:00. I haven’t publicly set a time goal, but 2:17 would be alright with me.

All in all, I feel prepared. Now if only Sunday morning would hurry up and get here!


4 thoughts on “Taper time!

  1. What a great dream, and the weather does sound perfect for running. You’re going to do great! (although frankly, I’m only wanting Friday to hurry up and get here. :)

    • Thanks! That dream gives me a good feeling about the race. It’s nice when my subconscious visualizes success so I don’t have to. :)

  2. You will do so well!!! Love the shoes! I need to get more comfy ones for working since my ankle is wonky. We need to skypey!

  3. I love the new design of your blog!
    And those shoes are like wearing clouds. Nice choice.
    Good luck tomorrow!! I’ll be rooting for you!


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