A pledge to NOT run.

Nearly three weeks after my half, my foot is still giving me trouble. I’ve done a couple of short runs to test it out, and the results were less than pleasing.

It doesn’t hurt when I’m actually running, but when I’m sitting around or walking, there’s a constant, searing pain in the bottom of my right foot, right where the arch turns into the ball. My achilles also feels tight, as does the tendon along the bottom of my big toe. The pain isn’t crippling by any means, but it’s really uncomfortable and highly annoying. I’ve been icing, stretching and massaging everything, which seems to help some. If anyone has a clue what this could be or how I should treat it, feel free to share.

So, in an odd commitment, I’m pledging to NOT run until Nov. 1.

I won’t be using the elliptical, either. Nothing that requires me to stand on my feet. I’m going to hit the weights really hard and use the stationary bike. Ideally, I’d be able to aqua jog or swim laps, but I don’t have easy access to a pool. My goal is to get this foot healthy ASAP so I can run some good races this winter and decide if I want to do the Go! St. Louis marathon in April.

Weirdly, making a goal to not run for such a long time is probably going to be more difficult for me than training for the half I did. I get so impatient, and I really don’t want to lose the endurance and fitness I worked so hard to achieve. I’d also rather not put any of the weight I lost back on. However, a short time off now will prevent me from taking a long, long time off later.

Eleven days of no running, here we go!


2 thoughts on “A pledge to NOT run.

  1. Taking some time off after my half (actually, after the 10 miler a month after my half) was one of the best things I did for myself. It seemed like an eternity, but my body REALLY needed a break. Great job listening to your foot. :)

    • Thanks! This will force me to be more creative in my workouts. Hopefully the strength I build with weightlifting will translate well once I start running again. My foot is already feeling better :)


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