Ballet, and other adventures

I did pretty well on my pledge to NOT run. And NOT blog, apparently. Ho hum.

I finally got my foot situation under control after a trip to a good podiatrist. The kind people at Big River Running hooked me up with a recommendation. He had me sorted out in less than a week, after months of failed self-treatment. Guess that’s why those people go to med school for a bajillion years.

I’m currently training for the Eugene Half Marathon (May 1)Β and I’m very excited. I guess you can’t really be given a race as a gift, but for Christmas, Dan signed me up for the race and is “letting” me fly out there to run and visit my brother, who lives in Eugene. It will be my second half and my first trip to the Pacific Northwest. I’M EXCITED, especially since Dan and I never really go anywhere. My goal is to run the sucker in less than 2 hours. So far, my training gives me confidence that I’ll be able to do that.

In other news, I’m taking an adult beginner ballet class through STL community college. I originally signed up to take the class over the summer, but had to drop out because of my surgery, etc., so one of my BFFs and I are taking it now. We don’t have any real experience with ballet. We were both ballet flunkies in our toddler days. The class meets for an hour once a week and we’re three weeks in. It’s been challenging and fun so far. It’s definitely a nice departure from running. Our instructor focuses a lot on form and correcting the body’s imbalances and strength disparities, which is great for preventing running injuries, or really any kind of injury. I see myself taking this course multiple times.

After my race in May, I’m not sure what I want to do. I’d definitely like to do another significant race in the fall, perhaps the STL Rock ‘n Roll. Depending on how the half goes, I could see myself training for a full in the fall. I guess it will just depend on whether I’m healthy and where I am mentally – and if Dan can stand to have me devote that much time to training :)

What are your racing plans/athletic goals for the year?


2 thoughts on “Ballet, and other adventures

  1. My goal is to become much more flexible, perhaps human pretzel level! And to keep working out 4 times a week!

  2. My goal is not to throw my back out of blow my knee out this year and still remain basically active.


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