Stupid things update

One week out, and my ankle still hurts and is black and blue like crazy. Thankfully, the swelling has gone down significantly. I had an appointment with my sports PT before I hurt myself (for a standard chiropractic adjustment), and she was kind enough to take a look at it while I was there. She confirmed that it’s a deep, stubborn bone bruise. Unlike my regular doctor, she was able to do something about it: ultrasound massage. It was glorious. She used Biofreeze, and it felt like I had an ice pack on my ankle for the next 4 hours. Took the majority of the swelling right out. I have another appointment tomorrow morning, so I’m hoping I’ll get more of the same.

I haven’t tried to run on it yet, but it’s still sore to walk on and really stiff. Ankle circles take a lot of effort. I’m going to try for some easy miles this week. As for my 10k on Saturday, I still plan to do it. It might not be too exciting, but whatever. I’ll get in some miles and snag a new tech Tshirt. I was hoping to average 8-minute miles for the race, but I’ll be happy if I can manage a sub-9 average. I ran a casual 10k “race” (more like a fun run) in April of 2012 after a long layoff and averaged 8:56 miles on a hilly course after going out way too fast and not bothering to train or really run much in the weeks prior. Saturday’s course looks like it will be rolling hills, but I’m hoping to improve a bit on my time. It will only be the second 10k race I’ve ever done. A PR might be possible, but I’m not going to push it too hard given my circumstance.

Official marathon training starts 1 week from today. Pray for me (no, really). And don’t forget to donate!


4 thoughts on “Stupid things update

  1. I love bio freeze, I put it on when I feel itchy or hot – i have loads if u need it in roll on or spray

  2. Haha, I know! I found some in your cabinet and used it over the weekend, and he wouldn’t leave me alone. What a weirdo!

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