Week 1 training recap

It’s my goal to give a summary of my weekly training throughout this process, if for no other reason than to keep tabs on it myself. And possibly to justify all of the food I’ve been eating.

The week went great! I felt energized, excited, and motivated to do all of my runs and add a little bit of strength a few days. I went beyond the minimum required mileage for the week, and my ankle is holding up nicely so far. I’m using a mash-up of a few plans that I’ve cobbled together, including one from the Chicago Area Runners Association (part of what’s included with my running for the American Cancer Society), Novice 1 and 2 from Hal Higdon’s website, and a Runner’s World plan a friend was nice enough to “lend” me (thanks, Alyson!). They’re all pretty similar, with some variations in intensity or distance on certain days.

I have a few goals for this race/training cycle, in order of importance/likelihood:

1. Finish without getting injured, sick, or burnt out.

2. Only walk at water stops.

3. Finish under 4:30.

4. Finish in 4:00.

I’m going to train for a 4-hour marathon, but I won’t be disappointed if I can’t make that happen. I don’t have as much experience with 10k+ distances as I probably should, but my McMillan calculations for shorter distances indicate that a 4-hour marathon is within my (slightly extended) reach. I want to incorporate a few longer races during this training cycle to get a better idea of what I’m capable of once I have some serious training weeks behind me.

Mondays are scheduled rest days on all of my plans, but I typically do long runs on Saturdays and rest on Sundays instead, then start my running week again on Monday. Just works for me.

Ok! Recap time.


Planned: 3 miles

Actual: 4.22 @ 9:28. I felt good, so I kept going. Finished up with some body weight work.


Plan: 3 miles

Actual: 3.5 miles @ 9:42. Dan and I had after-work commitments, so I woke up at 6 a.m. (super early for me!) and got this done.


Plan: Rest

Actual: Rest


Plan: 3 miles

Actual: 6 @ 9:39. Never mind that this pace was faster than what I did in my 10k last weekend. Shhhh. I wanted to do my first “long” run earlier in the week because I didn’t want it looming over me for the entire weekend that I was spending with my BFF.


Plan: Rest

Actual: 3.8-mile walk + 1 hour of Pilates. My home girl Lacy hooked us up with a private lesson at her Pilates studio. It was excruciating and awesome. My butt is still sore.


Plan: 6 miles

Actual: 3 @ 9:39 + body weight work. My legs were definitely feeling it; my calves were super tight from all of the toe-pointing during Pilates. I had to stop and stretch them out a few times.


Plan: Rest

Actual: Rest

Total: 20.52 miles, 5 hours 42 minutesย (not including some walks on my lunch break, cool downs, etc.)

All in all, I’m pleased with this first week. I hope my excitement and motivation carry me through the next 17!



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