Week 2 training recap

Another week down! It feels good to mark the day and workouts off my plan as they go by. This week was a little crazier (somehow), and I didn’t manage to wake up and run before work at all. That meant more treadmill miles than I care for, but I did sneak in some morning yoga on Wednesday and get my long run done Saturday morning before the heat became too terribly oppressive. Goal for week 3: at least 3 morning runs.Β Weather permitting, of course. The forecast calls for severe storms on a few mornings, and lately the weather has been no joke! Crazy thunder and lightning, 30+ mph wind gusts, flash flooding…not fit or safe for outdoor activity.


Plan: 3

Actual: 4.25 @ 9:24 + strength. This was on the treadmill at an easy pace. I like getting a little extra in at the beginning of the week. It makes the prescribed runs for the rest of the week seem easier because they’re shorter.


Plan: 3

Actual: Big River speedwork. 4.75 total, including warmup, 10x400m @ 7:11 pace w/250m recovery, cooldown.

First speedwork since my ankle injury! The workout was 10-12 repeats at 5k pace. Speedwork culminates with a 5k time trial on the track in a few weeks, at which I hope to break 24 minutes. I felt pretty strong during the workout, but my stomach was starting to get grumpy toward the end. I copped out at 10, mostly because I didn’t want to hurt myself my first week back and I wanted to get in a good cooldown without going way over my assigned mileage for the day.


Plan: Rest/XT

Actual: 40 minutes yoga.

Woke up and did this before work. My legs were sore and dead from speedwork the night before, so I chose a flow that focused on the hips and hammies. Felt a lot better.


Plan: 3

Actual: Rest.

Woke up with internet problems, so I had to take Dan to a friend’s so he could work, then pick him up so he wasn’t bugging them all day. I’d wanted to run after work, but time got away from me and it was way too hot.


Plan: Rest

Actual: 3.24 @ 9:23 + strength.

Did some deadlifts in addition to my normal strength stuff, and they really worked me over. Trying to incorporate more hamstring/glute moves into my routine to help with my hip issues. I’m definitely having less tightness and discomfort than I had been a few weeks ago.


Plan: 7 miles @ 10:00

Actual: 7 @ 10:17

Stayed up too late on Friday night, but still managed to get up around 7:30 on Saturday. Got out the door by 8, and it was already 77 degrees with 70% humidity. I am NOT a hot weather runner at all, and I’m really not acclimated to the humidity yet. I knew it could be a potentially rough run, but I did myself a big favor by slowing down and just running by effort, not pace. I’m a sucker for taking walk breaks when it gets hot, but managed to slow down enough to not take any. I also went through about 24 ounces of water. I felt OK after finishing, but when I was done, I was really glad it was over!

Everyone has their own “long run” mark; the distance varies depending on what you’re training for. The 7-mile mark is when I consider my runs to be getting “long.” Running for 60+ minutes is my line in the sand. It felt good that I was able to do my first long run in such unpleasant weather conditions, so early in training when I’m still building up, and not feel like death. Had it not been so gross outside, 8 or 9 miles would’ve been on the table for sure. That’s encouraging.


Plan: Rest

Actual: Rest

And man, did it feel good! My hammies were still sore from the long run, and my lower back and neck were mega stiff when I woke up. I took some time to relax and foam roll my aches and pains.

Total: 22 miles, 5 hours 6 minutes.

I usually get in a few walks on my lunch break at work, which I count in my weekly mileage but don’t bother writing about. You know, just in case you added up the totals and thought I was terrible at math.


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