Week 4 training recap

The first month is done! Hooray! This is the first week where my motivation was really floundering. I just felt super wiped out…sleeping 9+ hours a night, praying for a nap, generally feeling out of whack. Not to get all TMI, but a lot of that probably had to do with this. I also think I should have stuck to my training plan for week 3 and done my cutback “long” run of 5 miles instead of the 8 I opted for. I’ll definitely go with the lower mileage next cutback week, regardless of how I feel. Those easy weeks are in there for a reason!

I only ran 3 days this week. Thanks to exhaustion, lack of motivation, and the holidays, one of my 3-milers just didn’t happen. I did get some good walking in, though.

Plan: Rest
Actual: 3.1 @ 9:26
This felt miserable. I could’ve sworn I was running sub 9’s, my legs were so dead and my breathing was so labored. I was in an area where GPS reception can be spotty, so I’m kinda wondering if my distance is right. That’s how hard this effort felt. It’s more likely that my legs were still toast from Saturday’s hilly 8. Later that evening, Dan and I also walked to and from the grocery store (1.58 miles).

Plan: 3
Actual: 1.75 mile walk in 30 minutes.
Hopped on the treadmill during my lunch break and got this done. We didn’t have our track speed work because of the holiday. I know I should have gotten my other 3-miler done, but Monday’s outing had me feeling really defeated and I was so exhausted. Opted to take it easy instead.

Plan: 4
Actual: Rest.
Again, so tired. I did come home and mow the lawn…that counts for something, right?

Plan: 3
Actual: Freedom 4-miler race!

Up bright and early to head downtown for this 7 a.m. race. I got there around 6:30 and found a decent parking spot, then proceeded to wander around looking for my track club’s tent and gear check. No luck! I couldn’t find them anywhere, and I didn’t have time to walk back to the car to put my stuff away, so I ended up wasting $5 on bag check at the event. That was annoying, but not the race’s fault. I looked for my club after the race, too, and never did manage to find them!

The weather was pretty nice for this one, in the low 70s. It was a little humid, but not too bad. They had the fire trucks down town and a good emcee making announcements. The course wasn’t too hilly, mostly gently rolling. Just enough to give you some momentum along the course. We got to run along the riverfront and by the Arch, which was really cool. There was also a group of military guys running the race in cadence, doing the call and answer chants. I would recommend this race to anyone who wants to get downtown early for a good spot to watch the parade. If 4 miles isn’t your thing, they have a 1-mile walk/fun run, too.

The beginning of the race was pretty crowded; the route was narrow and there were about 2,000 people doing the 4-miler from what the announcer said. My Garmin matched up with the mile markers until the last mile. My official time was 4 miles in 35:50 for 8:57 miles, but I had 4.1 miles in 35:50 for 8:44 miles. My effort felt like the latter to me. ย Still slower than I would like; I was definitely struggling halfway through the second mile, then found a second wind and finished really strong. I was passing people the entire time, which felt good. I’m not sure where my speed has gone; I feel like for how much I’m running, my times should be a bit lower than they’ve been. I don’t know if it’s just progressive overload or if I simply need to adjust my expectations. I’ll have to experiment further to figure this out.

Got in around 1.5 miles of walking cool down to round that out.

Cool dog tag medal from the race!

American flag shorts. Jealous?

Plan: Rest
Actual: Rest.
Again, should’ve done that 3-miler, but it just wasn’t happening. Spent the morning getting Dan home to work because he couldn’t connect to the internet to log in Friday morning (we stayed at a friend’s), then it was too hot to run outside, then friends came over.

Plan: 9
Sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep and a giant breakfast at Uncle Bill’s pancake house, followed my visiting family and amazing BBQ.

Plan: XT
Actual: 8.6 miles @ 10:48

This was supposed to be my 9-miler, but I forgot part of the route or miscalculated the distance or something. I got a late start (9 a.m.), and it was so hot and miserable by the time I got home that I didn’t feel like running around the block X number of times to get that last 0.4. I learned my lesson and won’t put off my long run like that again! Yuck.

Other than the heat, this wasn’t too bad. My legs felt pretty good. Because it was so hot, I let myself take a 3-minute walk break every 3 miles. That helped a lot, mentally and physically. My ankle was really swollen and sore when I was done (I have a PT appt. on Thursday that will hopefully help sort that out), but it did feel a lot better after lots of ice, elevation, and torture with the foam roller.

Total: 20.53 miles, 4 hours 25 minutes

I didn’t get any yoga or strength training in last week, so that’s the goal for this week. Here’s to week 5!



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