Recap: 8, 9, 10

Get excited! I’m finally catching you up on my stellar training. Ha. *crickets*

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve only been managing about 3 runs/week, which is far from optimal. Every summer from mid-July to mid-August is always crazy for us, including this one, mostly because there are so many family birthdays during that time period. Add some travel and rough days at work/life, and the running just had to give. However, I’m feeling motivated and back on track for Week 11, which is good; the mileage is starting to ramp up. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s what I’ve done the past three weeks:

Week 8

Monday: Rest.
Tuesday: 6.45 @ 9:10. Super fun run! It was misty and overcast. Really reminded me of my old cross country days. Ran out at Westport immediately after work, which is pretty hilly, but I didn’t even feel it. Very satisfying.
3.05 @ 9:10. Made it a point to wake up and get some miles before work on my birthday. Wanted to start another year on this planet right.
10.5 @ 11:25 + 1 hour pilates
This sucked. I took the day off to go shopping for my birthday and figured I should do my long run so I could enjoy the rest of the weekend. It was muggy, the trail was super boring, and none of the bathrooms/water fountains were where the map indicated they would be. Not awesome. This was supposed to be 12-14 miles, but I ran out of time before I was supposed to meet up with Lacy for pilates, which was super challenging after such an awful run. Then I shopped all afternoon. I was exhausted.
Saturday: Rest.
Sunday: Rest.

Total: 20 miles; 4 hours, 12 minutes

Week 9

I knew this week would be a stretch because I was traveling to Chicago for a raging bachelorette party. I had hoped to get in my 10-mile long run after we arrived on Friday…fat chance of that. We hit the boardwalk and got beers right away. Anyway, still managed some miles. I also felt mega wiped out, like on the verge of being ill, earlier in the week. Took some rest when I should’ve been trying to front-load my runs…but I was just so run down.

Monday: Rest.
Tuesday: Rest.
Wednesday: 4 @ 9:20. First run after my suckfest of a long run the previous week. Needed to shake off that bad mojo.
Thursday: 3 @ 9:30. Did some easy miles before work on the treadmill at the gym.
Friday: On the bus for the bachelorette party…let’s just say I was lucky I was still standing.
Saturday: 4.25 @ 10:35. Woke up feeling rough, straight up. Drank some water and slept it off for a bit, then grabbed some breakfast and ran a few miles by the lakefront in Chicago. It was a gorgeous day…had I not been hungover, there would’ve been more miles in me.
Sunday: 5-mile(ish) walk. Walked all over Chicago killing time before the bus came. Was running on 5 hours of sleep, which is about twice as much as everyone else got…

Total: 16 miles; 4 hours, 20 minutes

Week 10

Monday: Rest. Still recovering from the bachelorette party. Bouncing back from sleep-deprivation is getting harder and harder with age.
Tuesday: AM: 3.2 @ 9:22; Lunch: 1.3 walk.
Woke up mega groggy and cranky. Didn’t fully wake up until about a mile in. Did this on the treadmill; it seems to be easier on my ankle, which has been feeling tingly and annoyed lately. Walked on my lunch break.
Wednesday: 7.25 @ 9:14. Got this done after work. I ate too many Mike and Ikes, which made my stomach grumpy, but that feeling passed around 3 miles in. Maybe they’d be good long run fuel…
Thursday: Rest. Totally should’ve done my other short run today, but didn’t. No good reason.
Friday: Rest, as planned.
Saturday:  15 miles @ 11:09.
Personal distance record, woooo! I maintained a 10:25ish pace during the running parts, but the last 3-4 miles were pretty rough. I really want to get to the point where I don’t need walking breaks at the end of these longer runs. I don’t know if I need to start slower or begin fueling earlier, but something just doesn’t feel quite “on” for these long runs yet. Hoping to figure that out over the next 8 weeks. Anyway, took an ice bath after, and dozed for about 45 minutes, then lazed around the house all day. Went out for an amazing dinner of filet mignon and lobster. I’m sure that aided recovery.
Sunday: Rest. I foolishly hoped I’d be able to cram my last 4 miles of the week in on Sunday, but my legs were toast…duh. Took a salt bath and stretched really well, which helped a lot!

Total: 27 miles; 4 hours, 49 minutes.



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