Spare time

Now that I’m not training for anything, it feels like I have all the spare time! Which I do, and don’t.

Frankly, I’m not great at being productive when I don’t have a schedule or plan. When I’m training for something, I have to map out my days so I can get everything done. When I feel like I have a ton of free time, I tend to put things off… indefinitely. It’s something I have to work hard at and be mindful of.

Dan and I were awful this week and only managed to hit the gym twice. Once on Monday, then not again until Saturday! I don’t know if we’re just super tired or what, but we managed to sleep through our alarms almost every day this week. Now that the time change has happened, I’m hoping the sunshine will make it easier to get out of bed.

At the gym Monday, I went to spin class for the first time in 4+ months. It was really intense. I’ve lost a ton of strength and anaerobic capacity from being so focused on endurance during marathon training. I was huffing and puffing like crazy; my lungs haven’t burned like that in ages. It felt good. Saturday, I got in a strength session and some good cardio on the bike and stair climber. Again, I am so weak! My lifts are nowhere near where they were this time last year, and I’m super sore from my (embarrassingly light) dead lifts.

I’ve been doing my nails a lot lately, trying to stay inspired. Here are 2 manicures from this week:


Metallic burnt orange with fancy glitter.


Flat greige with dark plum accent nails. Tried to do a zig-zag pattern with my Marc Jacobs polish. It looks cool when the lighting is right, but the colors are a bit too similar. It didn’t pop like I’d hoped.

I’m realizing I have a lot of blue/plum/gray type colors in my collections. My last few manis were all in the same color palette, so I wanted to shake things up and do something kind of fall/Halloween-themed, hence the orange and glitter. It’s hard to capture in a photo just how blinged out this manicure is, but the light really caught that glitter like crazy. I got a lot of compliments on this simple manicure, which is always nice! The glitter a Deborah Lippman mini I got from Sephora; they had it as their free birthday gift this year (I think). You can get the full size here. The orange is a mini from an OPI gift set. I have a lot of great colors from that set, but they didn’t bother putting the color names/numbers on any of them, and I threw out the packaging ages ago! Kind of frustrating.

I’m less in love with the plum/greige manicure. The sparkles just didn’t pop they way I thought they would; I had swatched the color combination on some paper before I did it, but it didn’t translate well on the nail. Oh well. Gives me an excuse to try something new later this week.

This morning, Dan and I were up bright and early to volunteer at the St. Louis Track Club’s Half Marathon. The volunteers in Chicago really made the race something special for me, and I wanted to give back to the community. It’s been a while since I volunteered at the race and I figured I might as well help out if I can’t run! We helped direct traffic on the course (the roads were open to cars), and it went pretty well for the most part. Generally people followed directions and were patient, but there are always a couple of jerks, including a woman who told us we really “fucked up” her Sunday and a cyclist who decided that stops signs didn’t apply to him and yelled at Dan for waving traffic on.

As you can see, Dan was thrilled to be up at 6 a.m. on a Sunday. We were running a bit too late to have breakfast and coffee, so things were a little rough at first. However, the crisp fall air and dazzling sunlight perked us up pretty quickly. We were out on the course for about 3 hours, and it really blew by. It was great to see so many runners tearing it up out there and having a great time. I’d highly recommend volunteering at a local race some time. It’s a really fun, easy way to give back to the running community and make someone’s day a little brighter!


So excited.

In other exciting news, I get my custom shoe orthotics tomorrow! I’m really hoping that I’ll be back on track to start running again soon. This is my favorite time of year to hit the pavement, and sitting out has been driving me nuts. My foot soreness/stress fracture precursor is feels healed up, so fingers crossed!

Goal for this week: Hit spin class at least once, and do 2 lifting workouts. Get in some other kind of workout; maybe yoga or a long walk. Here’s to another week!


3 thoughts on “Spare time

  1. Pretty nails the orange is awesome!


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