Long weekend

Dan’s dad has been in town from Phoenix since Friday, so we’ve been out and about all weekend. Friday was pretty low-key; we dropped by Talayna’s for some pizza, then headed back to our place to hang out in the backyard with the fire pit. It was a little too windy, so the party stayed inside, but we had fun – and stayed up way too late nonetheless.


Photos of the century. Google+ will save photo bursts of 5 or more shots as a GIF. (click the image to see it in motion)

Saturday afternoon, the boys hit up the Loop to grab some food an check out records while I spent a few hours recovering from Friday’s festivities. BFF Lacy and her Mr. were in town from Madison, and she and I hit up our friend Nikki’s wedding while the boys went to a Blues game and drank all the beers!

Sunday was the big family chili day, which I somehow managed to not get any pictures of.

We took today off work and hit up Crown Candy. That place has always been a staple in St. Louis, but it really took off once it was on Man vs. Food. There’s usually a line out the door. We had to wait about 30 minutes for a table, which is nothing.


Malts and chili. You can’t see it, but there’s about 2 lbs of candy under the table. Don’t worry, we didn’t only get malts and chili; the guys also got roast beef sandwiches, and I had a turkey club the size of my head.

After consuming our body weight in malts and bacon, we went to the zoo to avoid a food coma. Tons of animals were out! We got to see the sea lions being fed, which I’d never watched before. The day started out chilly and overcast, but it warmed up even though the clouds never really took off. We were going try for an A-B brewery tour, but it was closed for Veterans Day.

We weren’t really thinking about the holiday when we planning our outings, so I’m glad that zoo was actually open! I head back to work tomorrow, but was great to walk around the zoo in such wonderful weather without any big crowds.

Next on the agenda: The Silver Ballroom, then a lazy night at home.

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Finally, a day off

So, yesterday was my first day off since Dan and I got married.  We wandered down by the beach, which was empty, beautiful, and COLD.  We found this little diner/bar-type place, where we proceeded to drink a pitcher of very good margaritas.  I had a hot dog, which tasted delicious, but was a terrible, terrible idea.  We went to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, which was pretty cool but probably not worth the money it cost to get it.

I spent the rest of afternoon eating Tums because my stomach was rejecting the hot dog.  Then I painted while watching Ghostbusters and Knocked Up.  Stomach pains aside, it was a pretty good day.

Word of advice: Stay away from hotdog stands on The Strand.

Day two down.

So, I never updated with how my first day of work went, so here goes:

It was good, and honestly there’s not too much to report. My first day was a holiday, so there weren’t as many people in the newsroom as usual, which is a good thing. It let me ease into meeting people. The biggest thing I have to learn is the computer system and the local style. Once I get those things down, I’ll start feeling a lot more comfortable. Some of the people I work with were throwing a party for New Year’s, and they invited me. I was really tired, but I went because I really want to meet some people out here and make it apparent that I’m interested in getting to know my coworkers. It ended up being a lot of fun, and I stayed much longer than I’d planned. The party was still going strong when I left at about 3 a.m.

Today was really, really slow at work. There was hardly any copy to read, and there were a lot of copy editors on tonight. They let most of us go at about 11, so I got to do some grocery shopping, etc.

Dan needs to hurry up and get out here, fast. I am going to waste away without him cooking for me. I’ve been eating egg sandwiches, salads and yogurt since he left. We’ve changed our plans a bit, because he really needs to find a solid job before his student loans start coming in. Not to mention, I miss him. It’s looking like we’re going to do a civil ceremony with our families within the next few weeks and then have a “real” wedding and reception for our friends later this year, most likely in August or September. I’m ready to start my life for real.

TOMORROW: I actually go through orientation, which I’m assuming just means loads of paperwork. Hopefully, I’ll find out some important stuff, such as: how to get paid, getting health insurance, acquiring vacation time and the like.