Stupid things

Over the weekend, I helped my parents move into their new house. It was hard work, but not so bad given how much help we had. When they decided to move, they offered me the piano I played as a kid. I’ve been bugging them about wanting it forever, so I was happy to take it off their hands.

They brought it by Monday afternoon, and I somehow managed to smash my ankle between the heavy part of the piano and the last concrete step into our house. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the most painful injury I’ve had as an adult. I’d imagine breaking my arm in the 2nd grade might have hurt worse, but it was so long ago that I don’t remember.

I seriously thought I had broken or torn something and immediately broke into a cold sweat, lost all my color, and started seeing spots. My mom had the presence of mind to grab an ice pack and elevate my foot, but it still took about 10 minutes for me to get my bearings and stop shaking. The inside of my right ankle was immediately black and blue and throbbing like crazy. I spent the rest of the day icing/elevating/wrapping it in ACE bandages, taking Tylenol, and griping about how dumb I am.

It still felt pretty terrible when I woke up, so I called my doctor and he was able to work me in, X-rays and all. Nothing is torn or broken, thank goodness; I just have a deep bone bruise and a bunch of broken blood vessels. All he could say is that, “It’s going to hurt for…a while.” He said I should take the rest of the week off from running/high impact stuff, then pick my running back up as I felt comfortable. It’s still really painful to walk, so we’ll see how quickly I can bounce back. In good news, my bone density looks great. He said I probably would’ve broken it if I were older or not as “sturdy.”

I’m annoyed, because I was just finally getting back into a good groove and feeling confident about my base after having an awful, weekslong case of bronchitis. I also have a 10k on June 8, so I’m hoping I’ll be healed enough to at least do it as a fun run, even if I don’t come out of it with a PR (which I had hoped to).

Mostly, I don’t want to have any lingering issues because of this dumb mishap; I want to start official marathon training injury-free! Nothing like setting yourself back before the real work actually starts.

If nothing else, we have no shortage of ice packs in our house from Dan’s ongoing knee adventures. We make for a pretty pathetic pair when we’re both in the living room icing our respective injured joints and watching TV.


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